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Sworn translation

Sworn translations are usually required in the case of official documents that are to take effect before the competent authorities, such as government agencies, courts, registry offices, universities... We employ translators approved by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs for all languages.
Abacá Traducciones

From Spanish to another language

The sworn translation of certain documents that need to be translated into languages other than Spanish, must comply with certain procedures if the said translations are to be valid outside our country.
Legal documents must previously be submitted to the Ministry of Justice (C/ de la Bolsa, nº 8 – Metro Sol)  in order to add the Hague Convention Apostille. This is an instantaneous and free process.
Notary documents must previously be submitted to the Notary Association of Madrid (C/ Ruíz De Alarcón 3, 28014 Madrid – Tel.: 912 130 000) where the Hague Convention Apostille will be added. This procedure usually takes 24 hours and is not free of cost.
Qualifications must previously be submitted to the Ministry of Education, where the seal of the said Ministry is provided (Paseo del Prado, 28, 3ª planta 28014 – Madrid - Tel: 91 506 56 00 ext. 65584). Then they must be submitted to the Ministry of Justice (C/ Manzana, nº 2 - Metro Noviciado) where the Hague Convention Apostille is added.
Once sworn translations have been delivered, our customers must perform a final procedure: take them to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (C/ Juan de Mena 4, 28014 Madrid, Tel: 91 379 16 10) to legalise the signature of the sworn translator. This is a free procedure that is performed instantly. A prior on-line appointment must be made.
To apply for an appointment, click here or go to the following website:
If the translation has to be submitted to a consulate, they are likely to have a register of sworn translators' signatures and, therefore, it will not be necessary to submit the document to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Once all these procedures have been performed, the document will meet all the requirements to be considered valid outside Spain.
Note: Some countries that have recently joined the EU, or that are candidates to join, require documents to be stamped in their Consulates in Spain for translations to be considered valid in their territories.
Sworn translations will be delivered in hand in our offices or via courier services, as they are documents that have been stamped and signed.

From another language into Spanish
Foreign documents that are to be presented in Spain only require the seal of a sworn translator. In the case of personal documents, such as birth, marriage, death certificates..., depending on the country of origin, they should be stamped with the Hague Convention Apostille, which must also be translated.​